What Does it Actually Take to Become a Math Genius?

Truth be told; anyone can become good at solving math problems and it is not some innate ability or that you have to be a genius with high IQ to do so. There are simple and some key factors that play a great role in an individual’s journey to becoming a math whiz. Maths can be easy if you want it to be.

Having said that, negative attitude around maths has been common and chances are that you have used the popular phrase, “I can’t do maths”. But let’s deviate away from this idea and overcome the shuddering fear of maths being the villain. You can actually take some secret pill (figuratively) that can help you become a mathematics genius. If you have wished for some kind of math magic to be bestowed upon you then you’ve come to the right place! Here are a few tips to help you become the maths whiz.

Having The Right Attitude

The first thing you should do is throwaway negative comments about maths and instead develop a positive attitude towards the subject. Having a good mindset and broadening your mind can help a lot and will just do the trick. Once you are confident you can tackle maths step by step. Positive attitude should be followed by dedication and hard work.

Mastering the Basic Topics

Focus on mastering the basic topic before moving on to the next one. Here, concepts should be understood clearly rather than memorizing them. Try to understand about the “Why” part apart from the “How” part.

Make Maths an Everyday Task

Start applying maths to real world problems. Practical application of maths can be seen in instances like measuring distance, calculating time, etc. While it is all about lateral thinking but simply it is all maths.

Get Enough Practice

Improving at math certainly takes extra hard work. So you need to take out time and practice math until the concepts start to click. If necessary, you can seek additional help like approaching your teacher, tutor or you can ask your friends who is good at math. You can also refer to additional book or try math solutions which include solved papers and more. For example, if you are a 6th standard student you can refer NCERT solutions for class 6 maths and these can help you perfect your skills.

In any case, math in general may have a bad press, but with little work and by applying these few tips you can improve your skills. You can learn more about NCERT solutions by visiting the website myncertsolutions.com.