Comparison of Apple Figures and Microsoft Excel

Microsoft’s Office suite happens to be the prominent pressure within the productivity software industry, but a number of alternative productivity suites have grown to be recognized to contend as alternative options. Among a number of these are Apple’s iWork suite and it is own Figures spreadsheet software program. Although very similar, Excel and Figures have a very couple of significant variations in built-in features and abilities, operating-system support, along with the price of the applying.

Functionality and Uses

Microsoft Excel offers many pre-loaded formulas and abilities, as well as greater than you are able to introduce by way of expansion packs. Figures doesn’t have a few of the modern-day features and formulas of Excel, much like pivot tables. But nonetheless, Apple’s spreadsheet computer software remains fully-featured. It offers over 250 functions which cover record analysis, finances, engineering, along with a wide range of other groups. Even though Excel offers quite a bit more built-in functions, as a whole, only individuals who utilize very advanced analytic practices would search for the missing features in Figures.

File Formats

Figures has the ability to read and save files both in Excel’s “.xls” and “.xlsx” file formats. Figures simultaneously features its own extendable, which Excel cannot read nor edit. Allowing for you to definitely switch and focus on Excel documents between personal computers who have Excel and Figures nevertheless, you could work on Figures spreadsheets solely on Mac computers with iWork.

System Compatibility

Microsoft manages separate versions of Excel, combined with the remainder of its Microsoft Office Suite, for equally both Home windows and OS X, as well as Home windows 8 tablets. Regardless of this, Microsoft doesn’t necessarily release another form of Microsoft Office suite for Mac whenever it releases a completely new version for Home windows. Apple provides its iWork suite only entirely for OS X and iOS.

Cost and cost

Since October 2013, Excel might be more costly when compared with Figures. Apple sells the program of their iWork suite individually, enabling you to get it for $19.99 with the Mac App store. Microsoft distributes Excel like a standalone for $109.99 or along with Office Suite packages that range from $139.99 to $399.99 in line with the other individuals within the set. You can too choose subscription based-services that offer you full accessibility most up-to-date versions of Excel, and the rest of the Office suite, for either $9.99 monthly or $99.99 yearly.

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