Career Options for Biology Degree

We all love biology, as it is an easiest and more interesting among other subjects. There are no students who hate or dislike biology. Most of the students choose biology as their favorite subject during their school life and this continues for their higher studies as they do majors in biology. It is an immense and simple subject, which explains us about life, animals, and plants along with its anatomy. It is important to study biology because it is a common science that is used in our daily life, which tells us about the natural world around us. The main significance of biology is to study the relationship between each and every species. Biology conveys us about different organisms – both extinct and present along with their mechanisms. Those students who are intrigued by research and a keen interest in animals, plants and other living creatures opt for biology as their career option. A student who has a specialized knowledge in the field of biology is called as Biologist. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), biology has ranked the fifth position among the total number of degrees opted by the undergraduates in the academic year 2013-14.

Typical careers options with a biology degree.

Students with strong background in biology can select a range of careers, including biotechnology, environmental science, microbiology, forensic science, zoology, healthcare, botany and lot more. There are many upcoming research industries and firms where students are selected and trained for different positions with a good package.

  1. Careers in biotech industries

They mainly use the scientific principles in developing and enhancing the technologies. They primarily focus on developing agricultural products, food science, and medicine. Here Biologists can get involved with drug development, advancing medical technologies and genetic engineering unit for the new inventions.

  1. Careers in drug, pharmaceutical research, and chemicals industries

Biologists can join as a junior scientist and help their seniors in their laboratory research by preparing the media, cultures and other necessary preliminary tests. They may also involve in testing the drugs, checking the chemical compounds of the drugs, testing and conducting lab experiments, analyzing the complete flow chart of the lab report, collecting the preferred data and updating their expiry date along with the manufacture date.

  1. Careers in HealthCare

Biologists may cultivate different techniques for defeating several illnesses including cancer, heart disease, and by discovering the control measures for other infectious and deadly diseases like tuberculosis and AIDS. A biologist can also become health educators, patient counselors, and advisors who have to work by communicating with the patient by discussing their health and mental disorders. Their main role involves educating patients about certain practices, diet, and activities which promote their wellness.

  1. Careers in medical laboratories as Technicians

Lab technicians mainly use different laboratory skills and techniques in their labs to perform blood and other fluid test collected from several patients on daily basis. This test includes a basic blood test for detecting the presence of microbes or some infections, DNA test, test for identifying the blood group of an individual, hormonal level test and lot more. A Biologist should be aware of all instruments and different techniques used for lab analysis.

  1. Careers in Education

Few students enjoy working in educational institutes like in schools, colleges, universities and in some tutorial institutes. The biology professionals can teach students with lower class science to advanced biology. They have different options in these educational sectors. Few can teach biology subject from class 6 to 12, guide students with their seminars, projects, research and also in their journal publications.

There are many career options available for biology students. Biology majors can excel in different industries including research, food, agriculture, health care hospitals, forensic laboratories, zoo, water treatment plant, and also in other areas as the statistician, financial analysts, banking sectors and lot more.